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Who are we? 


We are a ship brokers, we are the shipping department of big companies who outsourced their activities, we are consultants, we are supply chain agents and we help our friends to sell their cargos to new markets or buy wood chips at the lowest possible rates. We explore the market searching for new shippers and new end users therefore we establish new routes and business relationships within our network.


We help everybody who helps us because we believe that on the niche market of wood chips, wood pellets, woody biomass, pulp and mdf trade it is very important whom we build strategic, commercial alliances with. Choosing the right partners will make you grow and we are the right partners. We believe that by helping our friends to find new markets and strike the best deals which make them grow will eventually help us, too.


Regarding general bulk cargo, we have a sizeable fleet support behind us plus we have a growing network of cargo owners, too.

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Here we collected most of the important abbreviations, conversion rates, terminologies that might be useful for everybody.

Read our history and vision so that you can decide whether we are the most suitable brokers for you. 

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